This video,, can also be seen at EB-5 visa, also known as the Fifth preference immigrant investor program, was created by Congress in 1990, and provides a method for foreign nationals to obtain lawful permanent residence (e.g. a green card) if they are willing to invest money in the United States.A few weeks ago, on May 5th, President Donald Trump renewed the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa Program (Employment Based Immigration, 5th Preference) as a part of his first major piece of legislation since taking office in January.EB-5 is a United States visa program, created in 1990, that enables foreign investors to obtain a U.S. Visa by investing in a business that will benefit the U.S. economy and create jobs.How many people get EB5 Investment Immigration visa every year? As a potential investor, you must also be interested in getting to know how many individuals get the opportunity to travel to United.The EB-5 visa is a way to get your green card and permanent residency through investment. The EB-5 investor visa program enables foreigners who make an investment in a U.S. business to obtain a green card and become lawful permanent residents, and eventual citizens, of the united states.eb-5 investor Visa Program Benefits * Direct route to permanent residency in the United States for Investor, his/her spouse, and any children under the age of 21. * Freedom for Investor and family to live, work, and retire anywhere in the united states.foreign investors must meet specific United States Citizenship and Immigration (USCIS) requirements to obtain their permanent residency through the EB-5 visa program.In general, the investor must meet capital investment amount requirements, job creation requirements, and ensure that the business receiving the investment qualifies for the EB-5 program.What is the EB-5 visa program? An explanation A presentation. "The company aims to reward international investors and their families with green cards in return for investing in financially safe and.The EB-5 Investor Visa Program is an investment based visa offered by the United States. Applicants are granted a USA green card for themselves and their eligible dependent children.For EB-5 investors whose projects have successfully created the necessary jobs and repaid the EB-5 loan, those that are visa-backlogged and must redeploy their EB-5 capital in order to maintain their.